About the Farm

Lulu's Garden is a sustainable farm with a focus on culinary herbs.  We practice no-till beyond-organic farming, adding natural nutrients, bio-char and micro organisms which increases the amount of water and organic matter in the soil, while at the same time decreasing erosion.  We have a lovely lil "urban" farm in sleepy downtown Baldwin City, Kansas. Please, contact us for a visit to the farm or for info on products or events.

Lulu's Garden Mission

   Lulu’s Garden Mission is to be a place to gather, create, grow and learn with Nature. We cultivate food, but also wish to cultivate mindfulness and meaning through our relationship with the land.  Our vision is to create a place to experience herbs and vegetables in a variety of ways: ·      in the landscape – through edible landscaping, Permaculture and food forests
·      in our food & drink – through preparing, enjoying and preserving food in a variety of traditional ways
·      as medicine – through both fresh and dried herbs, wild crafting, creating teas, tinctures and more
·      as a lifestyle – blending nature into the fabric of everyday life, such as the aromatherapy experienced while harvesting or in the garden

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For more information on no-till farming visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-till_farming
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