Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy, but, in the WEEDS.

It has been a spectacular week for Lulu's Garden! So many lovely plates spinning in the air.  I've been focusing on sales and met so many wonderful people!  A BIG shout out to Checkers in Lawrence, our first client.  We will be doing a cooking demos there next week with our herbs and produce (they are also selling our spiciy mesclun mix, swiss chard & kale!).  We have newly established accounts that we love - both 715 and Pachamamas in Lawrence.  Next week we will be delivering to our new accounts, The Merc in Lawrence and the Kansas City Country Club.  We are very excited about all the new business and interest in our lucious fresh herbs and produce. 

I never imagined that the plants would respond so well to our tender nurturing. 

They are plants grown from seed in our dining room over the winter!

The luscious plants also mean luscious weeds.  Here's Ben doing "night weeding" this week.  Check out the size of these from the back row!

Thank you to all of you:

Farm helpers Ben, Dana, Robert, Ryan, Peyton, & the Hombres.

To Angie and Hadley for your continuing support in so many ways!

And to all of our customers Wes, Jim, Eric, Michael, Jason, Brian, Ken!