Friday, November 4, 2011

Pluck a Duck Anyone?

I was in a great conundrum about getting a turkey this thanksgiving.  I wanted something fresh and chemical-free, you know something sustainable and healthy.  This morning there was a knock at our door and look what the universe gave me!  Look at these gorgeous Warwick men with these gorgeous ducks, caught here on the farm, this very morning.  It doesn't get any more local, sustainable or healthy than that.

Now, it's very much like the Great Mother to give us something that requires our growth and the expansion of oneself.  I just watched an Oprah episode about "Stepping Outside the Box" last night.  Funny thing - that is where I function best!  So here I am learning how to pluck a duck.  Ben, my vegetarian son & chef is here to offer help if I need it.  But, I will try and spare him the "carnage".  He offered to photograph the fun.  I'm trying to talk my farmer friends who are coming over tonight into helping.

You know I really have been feeling drawn to being more connected to all my food.  Reading the Clan of the Cave Bear series has inspired me, not only to know more about herbal qualities and wild crafting.  But, being able to sustain myself and my family in all ways.  I told the guys I wanted to go hunting with them sometime and they agreed (although they said the waders would be up to my ears).

Anyway, I have to start somewhere, so stay tuned to see more of the duck-plucking adventures!