Monday, June 27, 2011

Spicy Mesclun Anyone?

Mesclun Locked and Loaded!  It's nutritious and delicious, and you can get it at Checkers in Lawrence.

Forkin' Farm

So we made our first sales with Checkers in Lawrence and are looking to develop new accounts.  So, I'm finally remembering why we went in business - not to mention the fun that we've had or how theraputic the work with the soil can be - oh yeah, it's to make a living! 

So some of this blogging may seem like it's going backwards to catch us up.  Which is all very exciting after everything taking nearly twice as long as we planned - harvesting soil to build the beds, actually building the beds, modifying the beds (compost & sand), amending the beds (what is P K and uh oh nitrogen? - you should of seen the nice guys at the Baldwin Feed and Seed trying to deal with me -middle-aged hippie chick and my tattoed, hip hop artist, chef and now farm managing son)...

Anyway, everything in the infrastructure was done and then, thanks to the heavens or whatever powers that be (I think it was Mother Earth), Ben's Indian visa didn't come through and I have him for the summer.  Ben and I are very different, and I think complementary in our working styles.  I'm not sure exactly what he thinks, but he did add this phrase to the nice things he said about me in my birthday card "Sorry, for threatening to stab you in the neck with a fork."

Ben seems to rule the "Word of the Day" & the "Quote of the Day" boards on our farm. Like saying he felt unnatural in posed pictures.  I asked him when he started going for "natural" and he said "right after I removed my breast implants". More about our "complimentary" adventures coming soon. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Welcome to the Lulu's Garden blog!! We are still in the process of getting everything set up, but check back often and follow our progress. We will be posting plenty of pictures from the garden, fun stories & updates, delicious- easy to follow recipes that showcase our fresh herbs & organic produce.

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